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"Fedorchak has here told a picaresque adventure story, a Huckleberry Finn of the Bronx. Set in the surreal background of a city unraveling, FUZZ ONE chronicles the life of a kid with a true vocation for graffiti and an unerring nose for adventure. With the resourcefulness of a hunter and a work ethic that would be the envy of any technocrat, Fuzz became one of the most up writers of his pioneering generation."
--Henry Chalfant, co-author, Subway Art

"I have the greatest respect for Fuzz One. He is one of the ultimate old-timers from back in 1970."

"Fuzz One's adventures take us all-city as he turns New York into his own personal playground. Theis book is not only the story of one man's quest for fame amidst the subterranean graffiti culture, but also an accurate document of 1970s life in New York City. Fuzz is a true writers' writer."

  Fuzz One: A Bronx Childhood

FUZZ ONE is the staggering true story of a raucous and wholly unsupervised childhood in the Bronx of the 1970’s. Vincent Fedorchak here hilariously narrates a wild tale rife with adolescent braggodocio and deadpan period details, taking us on a rough ride through a deteriorating Bronx jungle/wonderland where property value was plummeting and kids ruled the streets. Whether executing a gonzo graffiti mission in another borough with the insanity of a special ops soldier, fearlessly tracking down satan worshippers camped out in the old castles in Van Cortlandt Park, or being the first white boy inducted into the infamous Ebony Dukes street gang, Vinnie never flinches. Don’t miss this epic tale of youth gone awry that captures an important era of cultural upheaval in New York City’s history.

September 2005
392 Pages
6 1/2” x 9 1/4”
350 photographs
ISBN: 0-9725920-1-6
FuzzOne Subway Car Fuzz One Bus
  Fuzz One Bronx Park  
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